Ninja kids comic has a varvery of toys ranging from Plush Buddy, Arcade Warriors, Spiderman, Heroes of Goo Kit Zu, Mystery Ninja Ball, Adventure , Fun Express and so on.

Ninja Kids Movie

The Ninja Kids movie is a kids parody movie based on Power Rangers.

In the Ninja Kids movie, The Ninja Kidz suddenly realise they possess some powers after coming in contact with the Power Ranger power-coins.

Ninja Kids Videos

Ninja Kids videos come in various titles and are usually short. They can be found on YouTube. Some of them include: Robofish Family Prank Mystery, Twin vs Twin: Bone Wars, and Girls vs Boys: The Superninja Challenge.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Ninja Kids On YouTube

Ninja Kidzon YouTube is known as Ninja Kids TV. The YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers, and features the Ninja family of 4 kids, Bryton, Ashton, Paxton, and Payton.

Ninja Kids Costume

The Ninja Kids costume come in various types such as the Ninja Costume Boy Halloween Kids, Costume Boy Ninja Muscle, and Ninja Dragon Red Costume, all available on Amazon as well as a number of e-commerce sites.

Ninja Kids Music Video

Ninja Kids have a variety of Music Videos for kids such as ‘Being Awesome, ‘Smooth Like Ninjas, High Hopes and ‘Girl In The Mirror’.


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