Jasmine Harman is an English television presenter, radio presenter, property expert, and writer. She is best known for co-presenting the Channel 4 series A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? from 2004 to 2019, alongside Jonnie Irwin, she then presented A Place in the Sun (British TV series) 2012.

Jasmine Harman is married to her longtime boyfriend Jon Boast, they had their wedding in 2009. Her husband is a cameraman. The two met while they were both working on A Place in the Sun with Jon as a cameraman. The couple has two children, Albion Peter Jenson Boast and Joy Boast. The family lives in a private house in London.

Jasmine Harman with her mother and children. Photo source: Twitter)

Jasmine Harman shares a lovely set of pictures on her Twitter pages of how lucky she is to be celebrating mothers day with both her mother and children captioning it I’m lucky, celebrating with my mum & kids today, but thinking of those who don’t have their mums & mums who don’t have their children

Jasmine with her Husband and children (Photo source: Facebook)

Jasmine Harman again shared a picture on Facebook talking about her pregnancy struggles with the caption Sometimes things look perfect on the outside, but what you see in magazines and on social media doesn’t necessarily show the struggles behind the scenes.

We were so lucky on our IVF journey to have the care of the wonderful Prof. Geeta Nargund and I am forever grateful to her and her team. She has now opened abc IVF clinic in Manchester, giving families in the region access to affordable IVF – something I am a passionate supporter of. IVF shouldn’t only be available to those with the deepest pockets.”

Jasmine and her kids. (Photo source: Facebook)

Jasmine Harman posted a picture on her page about how she misses her kids when she drops them off at school with the caption “Kids went back to school today! I missed them about 5 minutes after dropping them off if only every week could be half term!
Am I the only one who misses their kids when they’re at school? And even when they’re asleep?