“Kang The Conqueror” is a descendant of Reed Richards and Doctor Doom.

Originally called Nathaniel Richards, who was a scientist, Kang The Conquer is a man of several identities. Some of his appearances seem to be contradictory.

His primary identity is Immortus, an agent of the Time-Keepers, and the last living mortals of the Marvel Universe in Immortus’s timeline.

Photo Credit: GamesRadar

Tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the timeline, he appears to have been inducted into the MCU under a different name and character.

Kang first discovered time travel through the magical powers of Doctor Doom, with the help of a technology that aided their transition to ancient Egypt to become the pharaoh Rama-Tut – a defeated villain.

Kang was known for his strict and strange code of honor, which often led to his downfall.

Even when he attempts to break rules, his personal code prevents him from defeating his enemies with magic, such as reversing the hands of time.

To Kang, victory is only sweet when it is won through hard combat, and when your enemies can see how much you have triumphed.


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