Super-Genius Valeria Richards possesses remarkable powers even as a child and this is credited to the cosmic mutation that she inherited from her parents- Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) and the Invisible Woman (Susan Storm-Richards).

Valeria is a fictional character of Marvel Comics who made her first appearance under the code name Marvel Girl and is currently using the name Brainstorm.

She has a superior version of her mother’s invisibility powers, allowing her to shield someone’s bio-electric aura, kinetic energy, heat energy, and other evidence of their existence.

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When she was a toddler she completed a Rubik’s Cube with her father and has claimed to be smarter than her father.

Being Valeria von Doom, she showed intelligence and aptitude for invention and technology rivaling that of Doctor Doom or Mister Fantastic.

At one instance, Valeria used an armored costume that mixed elements of the Fantastic Four’s uniform and Doctor Doom’s armor. She could summon the armor, apparently through the metallic paint of Doom’s mask on her fingernails.


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