Valeria Richards is Reed Richard’s daughter who later appeared in the main timeline by suddenly materializing in the Fantastic Four’s headquarters.

Valeria made her first appearance in Fantastic Four vol. 3 #50 (Feb 2002), during writer Chris Claremont and artist Salvador Larroca’s run.

While Chris Claremont intended to resolve the storyline, he never got the chance, as Rafael Marín and Carlos Pacheco, and Jeph Loeb took over Fantastic Four and brought Valeria back into the title, changing the character’s origins.

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In the comics themselves, Roma professed to have cared for Valeria but the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe took the opportunity to tie up some loose ends by claiming that Valeria was actually raised in an alternate future as the daughter of Doctor Doom and Sue Storm.

Following an initial period of conflict, the Invisible Woman accepted Valeria into the FF’s home and she aided them on several missions.

It was unknown how Doctor Doom and the Invisible Woman would come together in the future, and how Mister Fantastic would be removed from the picture.


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