Jon was born on 18 August 1979, at the age of thirteen he had an epiphany after an accident with a can of photographic spray glue getting in his eye. He realized that he was clumsy and should maybe focus on the moving image instead of something that needed mounting to cardboard backing.

Jon and wife Jasmine with their 2-year-old daughter and newly born Albion Peter in 2016

His family still lives in Deal, and frequently visits his in-laws in Rye and Bexhill. He lives in Surrey with his family, including daughter, Joy, and son, Albion. Jon is a husband to TV presenter Jasmine Harman, and a self-proclaimed dog lover.

They were married in 2009, and enjoy their busy, active lifestyle. Jasmine hosts travel shows, and Britain’s hoarding and shopping television shows. As a child of a hoarder, she knows the work it takes to get both the hoarder and the family back “on their feet” and “clear a path” to mental freedom and success.

Both parents travel extensively for work and Jasmine’s mother, Vasoulla, frequently travels with them to help with the children. The father of Abion Peter Jenson is Jon Boast. Albion Peter Jenson was born at 10.24 pm on December 6, 2015.